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22.08.2010 22:49

Bella Mia Dai Muratori - This dog is CLEAR of PRIMARY LENS LUXATION



Re: PLL6581  (Bella Mia Dai Muratori)
Owner: Jitka Zednikova


Dear Sir/Madam,

The result for your DNA test is:

   Bella Mia Dai Muratori - This dog is CLEAR of PRIMARY LENS LUXATION

 This dog has two copies of the normal gene and will not develop PRIMARY LENS LUXATION as a result of the mutation we are testing for, although we cannot exclude the possibility they might develop lens luxation due to other causes such as trauma or the effect of other, unidentified mutations.

Certificate will follow shortly.

Symone Ingram
The Animal Health Trust
Genetics Services
Lanwades Park

Tel: 01638 555621

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